The Intersection of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Awakening


I wanted to be a back-up dancer for Michael Jackson. Or maybe an opera singer. Okay, an executive. Just nothing spiritual, nothing woo-woo. Being a mystic was never, not even for a single moment, part of my plan. And this made the Universe laugh and laugh…

My story, as told in my book Unwitting Mystic, is what happens when an ordinary person is given extraordinary wisdom that challenges, and eventually changes, everything in their world.

Before my successful executive life in Washington, DC collapsed and my unexpected monastic life in India rose, I had already spent years veering uncontrollably into otherworldly realms encountering God, Jesus, Buddha and angels. This gift continues today. The extent of my “knowing” is profound by any measure, and the only thing I can take credit for is the willingness to let it live through me. My story is ultimately a powerful example of authentic self acceptance and resurrection that parallels what I see unfolding in these extraordinary times of our rapidly awakening humanity.

“I was dumbfounded by how unthinkably vast your knowing is. I kept having to stop reading for a moment to take in the words, and sometimes just to cry because it is so clear you know. You really know what most of us only try to believe.” Tenzin P., San Francisco, CA 

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Mary Reed
“I become life experiencing God and God experiencing life.”

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