Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love


My deepest thanks first and foremost to God, Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Michael and all other Divine beings that guide me, trust me and keep me company. I love you with everything I Am. May this work bring you joy, and may these WORDS be of humble assistance in universal efforts to end to suffering for all beings.

I wrote the final words of this manuscript exactly three years and one day after I woke up from my failed suicide attempt. The path that took me out of despair and into this publication has been long, winding, confusing, challenging, enchanting, enriching and most all, healing. Through it all I have been blessed with friends and family who have loved me and supported me in meaningful ways, from care packages and “you can do it!” messages to a shoulder to cry on and a bed to sleep in. The powerhouse heroes include Heather Phillips, the one person who has known my secret from the beginning and who has been waiting for this day as long as I have; my eternally-beloved siblings, Marva and Marvin, and their families, for traveling beside me in this life with laughter and love; my beloved father, Marvin Reed Sr., for being the greatest earth-bound teacher of forgiveness and unconditional love; Sue Lanier for opening the spiritual gates; Traci Dinwiddie, Barbara Glynn, Reese J., Nancy M. and Mary W. for being inspirational strongholds; Kerry Beach for his love, his incredible home stretch contributions, and boundless confidence in my work; Lisa Dewey for invaluable and memorable home stretch cheerleading; and my entire Front Porch family for their blessedly awesome company (especially invested and influential lovelies Linda Andersson, Svetla Atanasova, Elisabeth Arellano, Joany B., Beatriz Bravo, Dayna Carlson, Elena Delamora, Debra Tulimiero Duffield, Connie Dunning and her mother Kathy Holmes, Maureen Eastty, Carla Espinoza, Corinne Gans, Veronique Gistang, Adriana Gonzalez, Darcy Harris, Jody Harris, Chris Hirsch, Nancy Hermann, Tricia Howe, Chris Kovacs, Shelli Larkin, Lorraine Lasala, Janet Luallen, Maggy M., Arlene Mengel, Stephanie Meyer, Simone Moura, Sarah Read, Pam Robinson, Tiara Sinha Roy, Melissa Sendelbach, D’Ann Townsend, Linda Tysinger, Bernadette van Essen, Eberhardt van Gould, Martina Vasileva and Veerle Vyncke). Also of significant influence and encouragement were Mudita Badhwar and her parents Deepak and Kangan, Jane Clark, Jill Renee Feeler, Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Cynthea Gillespie Kinnaman, Mozelle Kunkel, Barbara Lang, Barbara Lipton, Dr. Joe Mancini, Kay Pfaltz, kindred spirits at Platinum Age Ground Crew, Jackie Powers, Annig Raley, Rinchen, and all others whose words or actions inspired me and validated the importance of my efforts along the way. Thank you, thank you, one and all.

Thanks also to Judy Kern, whose encouraging courtesy review of an early, unfinished draft of this manuscript helped strengthen my voice.

Special thanks and a deep bow of love to Venerable Tenzin Sangmo and the staff of Thosamling for giving me a safe, embracing and beautiful place to BE. I am crazy about all of you. Thanks, too, to Yogesh for leading me to Thosamling and to all the fellow nunnery residents who inspired me with their own peace-driven journeys.

Finally, this story would not have been possible without Dr. Rudy Bauer and Margery Silverton. There will never be enough words to express the fullness of my gratitude for their belief in me and for their wise guidance.

Author’s Note

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Alms for Mary’s Journey