Author’s Note

Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love

Author’s Note

The visions and insights included in this book were chosen because their content helped me unfold my story in the most effective and least confusing way. With the exception of the initial events with Sue, all mystical events mentioned happened between early 2011 and early 2014. Some of these events happened in seemingly random order, so I placed them in a sequence I thought would be easiest for others to follow. I did not include every vision or insight I have experienced nor did I describe every event in its entirety. As Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche advised, at this point I am only sharing what I think people can hear, and what I have chosen to share feels right on every level. I painstakingly made every attempt to maintain content accuracy using as reference written documentation I usually make after each event.

As much as possible, I avoided personal narration or interpretation of any information provided by God, Jesus or Buddha. Anything I say I “know” I actually embodied or gleaned directly from metaphysical insight. It became clear to me when I began this manuscript that all I was supposed to do was allow events to speak for themselves.

Narrative chapters in Part Two are based either on a blog I kept to journal my first stay in India or on personal communications with friends and family. I maintained the integrity of all original materials, editing most minimally if at all, however a few were edited more extensively to present information in a cleaner and clearer manner than I had achieved in my awkward early attempts to write about what I know.

I made a deliberate choice not to disclose many details of my childhood or life prior to my suicide attempt, including specifics of the series of catastrophes that led to the collapse of my “normal” life. I also chose not to include a great deal of information about my family, friends or private relationships other than brief mention for contextual purposes.

I omitted this information in order to maintain focus on the present moment relationship I had to have with myself so as to have a relationship with God, Jesus and Buddha. I am aware that our storytelling culture dictates that we usually develop characters in a broad context of external influences against backdrops of the past. But I am also aware that in doing this when writing about ourselves we select which narratives about our past define our character and thereby narrow our whole truth to mere slivers, dismissing the countless ways every other influence led us along our winding paths and made us behave and think the way we do. This then narrows our gratitude and appreciation for all we have been and all we have become.

It is not possible to express all that I am grateful for and appreciative of in my life. There just aren’t enough words or ways to do it because ultimately every moment led me to God, Jesus, Buddha, the angels and my own divinity. So my aim was not to use my unique life puzzle pieces to put together my version of an age-old story about overcoming hardships. My aim was to share a true journey of self-acceptance, resurrection and enlightenment solely using events I feel were most pertinent to my spiritual evolution.

About the words ‘resurrection’ and ‘enlightenment’: these are just words. Like all other words they were created by humans, have been translated from other words that were created by humans, and are subject to endless interpretations of meaning and appropriate use. I intend them respectfully and use them with this meaning: I rose from certain death to new life and have seen truths of the universe directly through God, Jesus and Buddha.

Finally, I mention in Chapter Two that I was having visions and insights for several years before the mystical experiences became only about spiritual matters. Again, I omitted details about these events so as not to distract from the main storyline. However, these events were an indicator that I had a window into ways of seeing that I did not yet understand. The events included episodes of precisely accurate clairvoyance, sightings of translucent spirits, “becoming” someone else just before I met them, and several movie-like “parallel life” episodes where I was in the lives of other people in different eras while also still going about my normal day. I had no idea what these experiences were about and did not try at that time to find out why or how I was having them.

Images of Akiane Kramerik’s work are provided by Akiane Gallery. Other than these images, all work herein was created by and is owned by me. Any and all of my work may be shared with the stipulation that no changes are made to wording or context and no false representation is made of authorship, ownership or individuals and experiences mentioned.

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