Coming Home to True Love

Coming Home to True Love

VV chapelWhen I first arrived back in America this year for my annual summer visit, having just spent four months primarily isolated in a remote Christian ashram in southern India (with a cool rock cave chapel), I felt like I had returned to an entire nation in a state of PTSD.

Or maybe a better way to say it is that everyone seemed to be in an endless earthquake. Every day I watched some bit of news knock people off kilter again and again and again.

It took me quite a while to find my own footing here. I didn’t know how to talk with people, as most were either keeping their eyes trained on what was rocking their world or they were retreating within and detaching themselves altogether from social engagement. I saw communities and families deeply fractured. I saw spiritual leaders deeply fatigued. I saw walls up and emotions up, and any sense of trust and openness very, very down.

Mary at UCSG1What truly helpful things can one say in this environment?

As I sought Divine guidance about what, if anything, to say publicly, I came to see that my work wasn’t to try to lift people out of the truth of what they were feeling. It was to support people in feeling all of their truth. Because owning our deepest truths is the reason for everything that’s happening around and within us today.

All I can ever offer to others is the wisdom that comes from the truths of my mystical experiences, and everything I’ve been shown tells me that our truths are the very means to finding not just steady ground now, but higher ground.

And we’re barreling straight for that higher ground with ever-accelerating speed. From that vantage point we’re in for inspiring views, infinitely clear paths, and deep appreciation for all the exploring we’ve been doing along the way.

You can glimpse some of those inspiring views in my latest video, Coming Home to True Love.

I’ve decided to stay in America for the time being, as in 2018 I will enjoy inspiring an increasing number of communities that are ready to hear my unique perspectives on these wildly transformative times. If you’d like me to share with your community in person, shoot me a message and let’s make some exciting things happen on this fun path together. Let’s look forward to it!

Big happy love to all…

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