In the coming months I will begin scheduling a limited number of talks, satsangs and interviews in the U.S. for fall/winter 2017. Kindly use the Invite Mary tab for inquiries and invitations. For all other communications please use the Contact tab.

Thanks to my lovely 2016 tour hosts, audiences and interviewers!

mary_in delhi

Thosamling Nunnery, Sidhpur, India

Silk Road Chai Shop, Mt. Shasta, CA

Flanders House, Portland OR

Open Circle, Sebastopol, CA

Unity for Spiritual Growth, Grand Rapids, MI

Unity on the Lakeshore, Douglas, MI

Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Portage, MI

Jeff Grezeszak and friends, Chantilly, VAmary at unitycsg

Chantilly Regional Library, Chantilly, VA

Washington Center for Consciousness Studies, Washington, DC

Margery Silverton and friends, Annapolis, MD

King of Kings Lutheran Church, Fairfax, VA

Center for Love and Light, Long Island, NY

North Universalist Chapel Society, Woodstock, VT

John Smallman and friends, Orford, NHmary at flanders

Hanover Friends Meeting House, Hanover, NH

The Local Hub, Bethel, ME

Center for Conscious Living, Moorestown, NJ

Susan Duval Seminars, Doylestown, PA

Angela Mann and friends, Oxford, PA

Tash Fairbanks and friends, London, UK

Valerie Fontaine and friends, Langon, France


Buddha at the Gas Pump

Conscious TV (’s website)

Streaming for the Soul.

Universal Soul Love

Awake 2 Oneness Radio

Three Bridges West

Thank you to my wonderful September 2015 hosts in the U.S.:

yogavilleWide Open Wings; Grand Rapids, MI

Christ Church Greenwich; Greenwich, CT

Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice; Chartlottesville, VA

Yogaville; Buckingham, VA

Karen Jaynes and Friends; Chantilly, VA

King of Kings Lutheran Church; Centreville, VA

“Wow! You are the presence of Love. After experiencing the Presence with you last night, I came home and read your entire book. I’m in Love! With you! With me! With life! With everything! With everyone!” ~Kerry L, Douglas, Michigan

Thank you to all who welcomed me in summer 2014:mary and gy

Bob Bellairs, Greenwich, C

St. Maurice Parish, Stamford, CT

St. Catherine of Sienna, Greenwich, CT

Bridgeport Religious Education Directors, Greenwich, CT

Claudette Quadrini, Norwich, CT

Unity on the Lakeshore, Douglas, MIretreat group

Unity of Bay City, MI

Unity of Greater Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, MI

Spirit Dreams, Grand Rapids, MI

All Ways Yoga Retreat, Eastern Shore, VA

Brookfield Community Center, Chantilly, VAmary_annig_howard

Center for Spiritual Living C.O.L.O.R.S. Charlotte, NC

Unity Center for Spiritual Living, Charlotte, NC

Shambhala Center for Spiritual Awareness, Charlotte, NC

Co-Creator’s Convergence, Transnational