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Through intimate details of profound metaphysical events and a miraculous recovery following a serious suicide attempt, this transcendent story goes beyond the conflict-driven boarders of human experience to offer hope in the promise that the ever-increasing willingness to resurrect one’s own divinity is resurrecting a new love-driven consciousness throughout the world.

Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love is a rare journey from Washington, DC to India and into otherworldly realms in the company of God, Jesus, Buddha and a woman with no previous interest in, or understanding of, spiritual teachings.

Sampling of reader responses

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“I truly have been rattled to the core in such a way that words can’t describe.”

“Quite honestly, one of the most game changing reads of my life.”

“I am in awe. I loved every word.”

“It feels like another light has been brightly illuminated in the world.”

“I laughed, I cried, and said ‘yes, yes, yes’ more times than I could count.”

“From beginning to end it has opened my heart.”

“Such a beautiful, thoughtful expression of love.”

“I felt your words and your heart powerfully on so many levels, felt your pain, your frustration, your confusion, your awe and gratitude, your deep mission to serve, and most of all, your love.”

“You have moved me to tears with your words, I’m absolutely blown away by what I read…so honest and raw, and true for us all in some way.”